Are you ready to leave your competitors in the dust?

MAX is the leading software platform for rapid development, testing, and deployment of commercial grade autonomous solution.

What is MAX?

In short, MAX is the brain of a self-driving car or robot. MAX is a software platform engineered to make building new autonomous solutions fast and efficient. Using our graphical interface, MAX allows engineers to create autonomous solutions by snapping together pieces much like building with Legos. MAX works with all sensors regardless of brand and type to provide your solution with a comprehensive picture of the road and environment. Further, MAX works with all types of control systems for your autonomous vehicle including drive-by-wire and mechanical actuators. Unlike our competitors, MAX is real-time capable, has a path to ISO certification, and is a "full-stack" comprehensive autonomous vehicle software platform. MAX allows you to develop a solution that works not only in your lab and your test track but also in commercial production applications without requiring any rewrites.

MAX stands for Mobile Autonomous 'X', whereby 'X' is a variable in which a robotics designer can define and create their robotics application of choice. 


Rapid Development

MAX’s development user interface supports configuration of a new autonomous system in minutes. Simply use our graphical interface to select your sensors and control systems from the provided library and just drop it on your vehicle and hit the road! 


Simulation Capability

Our solution includes an optional simulator toolset that allows you to test your autonomous vehicle under real-world conditions including sun, rain, snow, ice, and darkness. Nothing can compare to physical testing, but our simulation solution can help reduce development cycles and cost by letting your team test quickly and safely from their very own desk.

Runs from Day 1

With the included autonomous application, you will be ready to drive your vehicle without the need to write a single line of code. MAX handles all of the critical operating functions including logging, security, and system management so you don’t have to.



MAX has operated in real-time environments for over a decade and has been tested with all major real-time operating systems. Further, MAX was built as a production grade system from day 1 and is in the process of certification as ISO 26262 ASIL x compliant. MAX is the one solution that works from the test bench to the test track to the manufacturing line without ever needing a rewrite.


While MAX includes all required functions out of the box, you can quickly insert your own custom algorithms and logic into MAX. That way your existing investments in your current software can be re-used. MAX's layered architecture and robust API give you the flexibility to pick and choose what MAX will do and what parts you want to do yourself.


World-Class Services

With experienced, high quality autonomous engineers in short supply, you may want some help as you staff up your team. Perrone Robotics' Services Team is there to help any way you need it. We can fill in any gaps in expertise or we can implement an entire solution to your specs. And, of course, we provide world class support for our MAX platform. Help us help you, thats what we're here for!


More in-depth information and details on MAX can be found at our MAX Resources page.