We make the software that makes autonomous cars go

Perrone Robotics has a 13+ year history in developing software for autonomous (Self-Driving) vehicles and robotics. We’ve spent the last 13 years mastering sensors, control systems, and advanced algorithms while creating a variety of real-world self-driving solutions. Today we offer both the leading software platform for autonomous vehicles and the expertise to help you design and build your own autonomous solutions.

When we formed years ago in 2003, we began revolutionizing autonomous robotics. Today we offer both the leading software platform for autonomous vehicles and the expertise needed to help you create your own.

Our core technology is the patented MAX (Mobile Autonomous 'X') software platform. MAX serves as a general-purpose customizable software platform for mobile autonomous robotics


autonomous solution consulting

Need an autonomous vehicle for your organization? We can help. Perrone Robotics has worked with clients for over a decade assisting them with their autonomous and robotics projects. Our process starts with our engineers working with your team to understand your needs. We then provide you with a detailed design, build, and operations plan for your autonomous vehicle. Let us help you drive your business into the era of autonomy.

Mobile Autonomous applications

Perrone Robotics has developed MAX, a comprehensive full-stack, modular, real-time capable, customizable, robotics software platform for autonomous (self-driving) vehicles and general purpose robotics. The software enables rapid development of autonomous vehicles and other autonomous applications.

Vehicle Automation

We have been developing fully autonomous vehicles, including autonomous cars and trucks, since the days of the DARPA Grand Challenge and Urban Challenge. We use our MAX-Auto software platform as a behavior and integration engine to rapidly bring autonomous behavior to any vehicle application of choice. MAX-Auto is a purpose-built platform with automotive-specific drivers and framework plug-ins tailored for autonomous vehicles.

Small UGV Integration

We use MAX to imbue small unmanned ground vehicle (SUGV) platforms with autonomy. Sensor integration, mobility controls, and autonomous navigation are all rapidly realized using our MAX software and integration services.