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Max-imize your robotic Development

Perrone Robotics: 14 years of development now coming to market

Perrone Robotics, Inc. (PRI) has been active in the robotics industry since its inception in 2003.  Founder Paul Perrone began building autonomous vehicles and his general-purpose Mobile Autonomous “X (MAX) platform in 2003 based on his interest in robotics and experience in the safety industry.  In 2005 he was selected to field an entry in the DARPA Grand Challenge where he and Team Jefferson successfully delivered an autonomous vehicle (Tommy) that ran the course. 2007 brought another DARPA Challenge, this time the Urban Challenge where the team crafted Tommy, a Toyota Scion to compete in the challenge.  Building on those efforts, PRI has continually improved the MAX platform to deliver successful control and test platforms for: laser vendors; the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS); the Pennsylvania Turnpike; and Neil Young’s “LincVolt” semi-autonomous 1959 Lincoln Continental.  Shifting to a product vs. a project approach, PRI accepted funding from Intel Capital and brought in new board members and company leadership to help guide the fully capable MAX platform to the broader market.



MAX is to autonomous vehicles what the brain is to humans–it provides overall task guidance and control. At its core, MAX is a software platform designed to make building new autonomous solutions fast and efficient. When using the forthcoming graphical interface, MAX enables engineers to create autonomous solutions by snapping together interchangeable inputs, controls, and maneuvers much like building with Legos. MAX offers compatibility with a wide range of sensors allowing you to continue to use the products you already have. Unlike most competitors, MAX is real-time capable, has a path to ISO certification, and is a "full-stack" comprehensive autonomous vehicle software platform. MAX can deliver as much or as little as you need – from a complete solution to a base platform for sensor integration and decision-making

Drop-in Autonomy Kit (DAK)

Our Drop-in Autonomy Kit (DAK) allows you to turn any car or truck into a self-driving vehicle in 30 minutes or less.

Automation Integration

Using the software and hardware tools at our disposal, we work directly with customers to integrate commercial off-the-shelf sensors and controls into their own custom or commercial vehicles. We can rapidly bring customer vehicles to an autonomous level and then extend those capabilities via configuration of built-in algorithms. Or we can integrate customer or third-party algorithms to provide advanced autonomous behaviors.