Small UGV Integration

Turn any small unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) platform into an autonomous one with our UGV software engine and integration support.

Perrone Robotics has been developing and fielding a wide variety of unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), autonomous ground vehicle (AGVs), and supporting technology ever since. Leveraging its MAX general purpose robotics platform, Perrone Robotics has focused on and evolved MAX over the years as a general purpose unmanned ground vehicle robotics platform.

Perrone Robotics first demonstrated how its MAX platform could be used to build highly complex mobile autonomous robotics applications faster and cheaper by fielding an entry and being selected to participate in the highly competitive and ground-breaking DARPA Grand Challenge and the DARPA Urban Challenge. We developed a MAX-UGV framework within and atop MAX and have been providing autonomy to a bevy of indoor and outdoor UGVs ever since.


MAX is our general purpose robotics and autonomous vehicle platform that dramatically reduces the time involved from concept to experiencing full autonomy in a robotics vehicle platform of choice.

Automation Integration

Using our MAX general purpose robotics platform, we can bring your own custom or commercial off the shelf mobility platform to life. We also have in-house capability to create custom hardware-based mobility platforms to meet your desired specifications. We provide integration of third-party sensors, rapid tie in to mobility controls, and a quick path to full autonomy and sophisticated autonomous behaviors. If you also have your own sensor perception, machine learning, or autonomous behavior algorithms to test and deploy, our software platform and integration support can provide an effective path to the robotic mobility you desire.