MAX is a set of software building blocks containing a wide range of low level and higher level software modules that developers can use to build simple to complex robot and automation applications faster and cheaper.

The Promise

Robotics is a burgeoning technological frontier for humanity. The future of robotics and automation combined promises to relieve us from day-to-day mundane chores,  perform hazardous tasks, perform precise tasks, perform tasks we otherwise cannot do, protect us, and even entertain us. By all accounts we're entering a new age whereby individuals, organizations, and businesses will experience a dramatic increase in productivity due to advances in robotics and automation. The emerging market of robotics is just beginning.

The Problem

The implementation of even moderately complex robotics and automation solutions has historically been expensive. Starting from scratch on each new project, use of specialized hardware and software, monolithic "stove-pipe" architectures that are difficult to extend, non-portability, limited software capabilities, and costly deployment are just a few of the key reasons why robotics and advanced automation has not become more pervasive in our lives. In order to change this current technological trend, an approach to robotics and automation development is needed that fosters portability across hardware, more rapid and practical development, scalability in complexity, leverages preexisting development expertise and tools, and lowers overall total cost of development in time and materials.

The Solution

MAX is a game-changing, general purpose robotics and automation software platform that has been developed from the outset to address these shortcomings. MAX is developed atop of the Java virtual machine leveraging:

  • Portability across hardware and operating environments.
  • The most commonly used programming language and wealth of available software expertise.
  • A preexisting microcosm of available third-party software components and tools.
  • A high-level programming language and simplicity in programming.
  • A scalable range of operating environments ranging from embedded controllers, to standard processors, to enterprise class platforms.

Building on top of Java, MAX serves as a robotics and automation layer providing:

  • A cohesive and comprehensive suite of software building blocks universally applicable to the broadest possible range of robotics and automation applications.
  • High-level software modules for sensing, conduct, and actuation.
  • Application decoupling from underlying robotics and automation hardware.
  • Simplified integration with underlying robotics and automation hardware.
  • Comprehensive configurability at every level of software development.
  • High-level programming interfaces.

Case Studies

MAX has proven on its advertised features across a wide variety of robotics and automation applications. From simple hobby and prototype grade projects to fielded 24x7 commercial grade applications to futuristic complex fully autonomous vehicles, MAX has been fielded in rat, to cat, to elephant sized applications. Below are just a few examples demonstrating the wide range of MAX's applicability:

More Information

Additional information can be found on our website about MAX on the following pages: